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Coral Coast Vets

I opened my start-up veterinary hospital five years ago. With a very small budget, there was no way I could afford an expensive veterinary practice management software program. I was lucky enough to stumble across BeeFree, which seemed functional and very inexpensive compared to other vet software programs. We were also inexperienced and had no time to learn a complex program. BeeFree was literally functional with in 48 hours of us signing up.

BeeFree was exactly what we needed and has been fantastic for my practice. It is super easy to use, making it great for new vet nurses and locum vets. I also have two branch clinics, and the fact that the software is web-based means it is easy (and cost effective) to have at all three practices. We have a number of clients who come to our main clinic for large surgeries, which is no problem as all their records are available at all the branches. Additionally, we can write notes and bill while on large animal calls in the field. The reminder system is brilliant. Most of my reminders go out automatically without me having to lift a finger! Our clients love the email and text message reminders. If they require a third reminder, we send out postcards but have found that most do not require that third reminder. We have seen a massive reduction in the cost of sending out reminders, plus our reminder recall rates are 50–70% consistently.

The dashboard and the KPIs are fantastic for keeping the entire team motivated. The vets and nurses now self-monitor and push themselves to do “better” on a weekly basis. I love that the software is web based! It means I can log in and check up on everything when I am at home or on holidays! Good for the staff to know that I am never far! Initially, I was concerned that it may be a problem if we have connection issues or when the Internet isn’t working. The reality is that is rare, and on the odd occasion that it does happen, we can still use our mobile devices. For all other problems, the support is fantastic! I have never had to wait more than 24 hours to get a problem fixed or receive help where needed.

Highlights of BeeFree for me and my business:

  • Ease of use with all the perks
  • Internet based, so it can be accessed from ANYWHERE
  • Frequent upgrades based on what users want or need

After using all the other expensive, complicated software programs, I cannot recommend BeeFree highly enough! My initial plan was to use BeeFree until I could afford one of the more expensive programs. Now that I can afford one of those programs, you couldn’t pay me enough to switch!

— Dani Richardson