Full Feature List

Are you tired of trying to make your office software learn modern day tricks? Do you know your IT person a little too well? Do you wish your software would grow up and just talk to other software without a human in the middle? The time has come with BeeFree.

Full Practice Management Software

  • Cloud based

    No server or computer stations. Information can be accessed on multiple devices real time.

  • Manage client records

    Keep track of client information: telephone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses, all the pets they own, their financial activity, their appointments, any alerts (eg. bad payer), and documents or files associated with them

  • Manage patient records

    Keep track of patient signalment (eg. breed, species, age, sex, desexed), all their scheduled appointments and reminders for vaccinations and check ups, estimates, weight charts, reminders, patient alerts (eg. “Bites!” or “Allergic to penecillin”), files, lab reports, photographs, x-rays, and documentation

  • Product/inventory management

    Keep track of stock levels. Maintain product information, tax rates, markups, and selling prices. Get reports on how products are selling. Allow for fixed component fees to be automatically added to products, such as injection fees on injectables and dispensing fees for dispensed products (this prevents missed billing).

  • Live appointment scheduler

    Pet owners can schedule appointements in real time, and the staff is notified via their dashboards. The online appointment booker can be integrated into your website.(Coming 2014 Q2)

  • Manage operations lists and hospitalized patient lists

    Totally customisable to your practice. Can have as many operating and barding areas as you like.

  • Create consultations, client estimates, and client invoicing

    Full patient notes and clinic recording

  • Create procedural templates

    Create template invoices and clinical notes so you don’t have to type long notes for common conditions. The invoice is immediately pre-populated for you, so that you only need to make minor edits. This keeps staff from forgetting to bill, and also maintains consistent and precise clinical notes.

  • Make counter sales

    Perfect for quick over-the-counter sales of products. Sales can be made right at the reception desk.

  • Collect payments

    Point of sale, cashier functions, and end-of-day cash register balancing reports

  • Create purchase orders

    Order from suppliers

  • Manage all Patient Reminders

    Via SMS text or email. Can be set to be done Automatically. Our servers check through these every hour and send any that are due. This spreads workflows evenly through the month, and saves thousands in staff time. (Available 2014 Q2)

  • Debt collection

    Keep track of who owes you money (debtors), and send mailouts to collect debts

  • Document storage

    Storage of documents such as PDF files, DOCx files, images against invoices, consultations, patients or clients (eg. patient photographs), lab reports, etc.

Extensive Customization

  • Create your own extra fields so that the system fits your business

    Want to keep track of things like client birthdays, favourite pet food, or preferred flea treatment? No problem! Create as many additional fields on patients, clients and products as you want.

  • Change the look of the interface to suit your practice

  • Customize all forms and stationery: letterheads, forms, certificates, etc.

  • Customize reminder and email messages

Switching Practice Management Software

Does the thought of switching practice management software make your hair stand on end? No problem. Let us convert your data from your current practice management software to BeeFree. We can convert all modern practice systems.

How do we convert your data?

First, we download a complete copy of your data and install it into the BeeFree system. We establish a training period where your staff can work with the system using your own data in order to fully understand how it works for your practice.

We think you’ll find BeeFree so easy and intuitive to use that little training is necessary, but we have a full array of support and resources to make your transition as smooth as possible: how tos, videos, and hands-on consultation sessions.

Once you are fully comfortable with BeeFree and your data, we’ll select a “go live” date. Your data will be reloaded so that it is completely current. You’ll then be live and ready to use.

Please note, there is a one-time setup and data transfer fee. The price depends on the size of your database. If we are unable to transfer your data for any reason, we will not charge you for the database transfer.


BeeFree integrates with the following:

  • Real-time scheduling and an online portal for your clients are seamlessly added to your website

  • Real-time data boosts your marketing by providing up-to-the-minute information about how much business your campaigns generate. Running an online special on dental exams? Find out how many visits have been booked during the campaign.

  • Xero Accounting Software is a robust, easy-to-use, cloud-based accounting software. Securely grab reports with a flick of the finger, find a client, or send an invoice from any device, anywhere. Plus, Xero integrates with oodles of other companies, such as payroll options, time tracking, and more.

  • Google Drive is a safe and sharable place for all your documents. Google Drive can handle document storage, image storage, photos of patients, and lab reports, allowing you to access and share information among your team. Logins and sharing rules provide flexibility and security. Desktop tools allow your practice to synchronize and store local copies on any computer. Want to keep using Microsoft Office? No problem. Google Drive integrates with that, too.

Cloud Architecture

BeeFree’s servers are integrated in a server farm with Amazon Web Services in Oregon. In Oregon, the load is spread over two datacenters, two to three load balancers, and two database servers.

If one or two load balancers fail, the software does not stall or log you off. You will not even notice.

The data is stored on two mySQL servers. Each server has a complete copy of your data updated every second. If a mySQL server fails, we are notified within one minute by a monitoring system. We then redirect the traffic to the second server manually (this takes a few minutes, but it is safer to do manually).

If one of the datacenters is destroyed by fire or a natural disaster: If it is the datacenter holding the primary database, then it will take a few minutes to switch to the next datacenter. If it is the secondary datacenter, there is no interruption. Every night at about 1 a.m., your data is transferred to BeeFree’s head office, stored for legacy purposes, and rolls back (to protect against corruption) for about six weeks.