What’s new in v4.13

For customers in North America only: Version 4.13 of BeeFree Veterinary Management Software will be available soon. We have some exciting news about our latest integration and a few other changes—here are the highlights! This version will be released to other regions at a later date.

Note: You must have the appropriate permissions to view or use some features.

New Features and Enhancements

Integration with IDEXX Reference Laboratories Diagnostics

With BeeFree’s new integration with IDEXX Reference Laboratories, you now have the best in class practice management diagnostic integration within the industry. This new integration is simple and is designed to save you time. It also helps with charge capture so you won’t miss charges and will capture the revenue you are truly meant to be earning. You can send diagnostic orders directly from BeeFree to your reference laboratory and have those results automatically downloaded into the patient record. The integration uses VetConnect PLUS to simplify and speed up lab work flow so the veterinarian can quickly and effectively order, read, interpret, communicate, and act on IDEXX Reference Laboratories diagnostics. Learn more on our knowledgebase (see the IDEXX Diagnostics section).

Prerequisite: Before you get started, you’ll need a VetConnect PLUS account.

The following features are available:

  • Setup
    • Set up the connection credentials for VetConnect PLUS at the company level or for each branch.
    • Set up and choose billing by defining IDEXX Reference Laboratories account IDs at the company level and branch as needed; then optionally edit in the consultation before placing the order (for example, if one veterinarian is the attending while another is filling in and using their account ID for billing purposes).
    • Automatic download and periodic updates of reference data. This includes diagnostics as well as breed, species, and gender data.
      • Use IDEXX profile/panel/test names for ordering reference lab diagnostics, or map your current names to the reference lab names.
      • Use IDEXX species, breeds, and genders for ordering reference lab diagnostic Reference Data, or map your current names to reference lab names.
  • Order
    • Use convenient work flows to add a diagnostic order within the consultation for invoicing:
      • By typing and matching the profile/panel/test in a consultation.
      • By adding one or more profile/panel/test via a procedure template.
      • By adding via the Smart Flow Sheet Whiteboard.
    • Select add-ons recommended with the initial order; automatic charge capture eliminates missed diagnostic charges.
    • Convert a consultation with diagnostics on it to an estimate—for ordering when the consultation begins.
    • Place the order by simply clicking the Order Diagnostics button in the consultation.
      • Print automatically completed order forms to send out with a specimen.
    • Place more than one diagnostic order on the same Consultation.
  • Results
    • Automatic download of lab results to the Patient Results tab in the patient’s medical record.
    • View status at the order level.
    • Click to see detailed test status and test results (numeric result with intervals and out of interval indicated, short form such as negative, long form, and notes).
    • Automatic identification of mismatched results, typically from orders placed directly in VetConnect PLUS. Assign unmatched results to patient consultations.

Secondary Client Contact

You can optionally add a secondary contact to the Client Overview tab. In addition, the General Info area of the Client Overview tab is now named Primary Contact.

  • A client search for either the primary contact or the secondary contact returns a row for each.
  • Select the Include on invoice check box to have a secondary contact appear on invoices. You must modify your invoice form and any other forms to include the secondary contact field.
  • Include the [secondary_contact] variable on other forms (see the Client Details section under Form Variables).

Refresh Google Drive Credentials

  • Once the 4.13 update is complete, the system administrator must refresh the Google Drive credentials (Administration > System Administration > Google Drive) to allow BeeFree to reconnect with your Google Drive.

Bug Fixes

  • In the consultation history, a new field (Created by) under the veterinarian’s name at the top of the consultation indicates who created the consultation.
  • On a counter sale, the veterinarian’s name is set to the logged in user. Existing and historical counter sales will be updated so the correct veterinarian who was logged in when that counter sale was created is assigned.
  • You no longer receive errors when trying to send SMS messages from the All Due Reminders window (Administrator > General > Reminders > All Due Reminders).
  • For Smart Flow Sheet users, you no longer receive server errors.
  • The tabs in the Email Manager sort correctly: the Outbox tab sorts by date created in descending order, and the Sentbox and Deleted tabs sort by date updated in descending order.
  • Compounding tax rates are calculated correctly.
  • Several situations where the veterinarian ID was not included on a consultation have been corrected.
  • Google Drive cloud print can be set up correctly.
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