What’s new in v4.12

Version 4.12 of BeeFree Veterinary Management Software is coming soon. We’ve made lots of improvements and fixes—here are the highlights!

Note: You must have the appropriate permissions to view or use some features.

New Features and Enhancements

Upload branch logo image file

You can upload an image file for the branch logo to use in forms and certificates (Administration > Branch Details > Logo). Previously, you had to use a URL for the image.


Unsubscribe from promotional emails option

When you create a form that will be used for promotional emails, select the promotional email check box at the bottom of the form template. This adds an unsubscribe link to the email so the client can opt out of promotional emails. You are legally required to include an unsubscribe link on promotional emails.

You can also manually manage the client’s email preference (Clients > Client Overview tab > Email > select Unsubscribed from promotional email check box).


Assign a veterinarian to a consultation

A new field—Veterinarian—is available on consultation, estimate, and refund screens. The vet assigned when an appointment is scheduled automatically appears in the field on consultations and estimates. If no vet was assigned, the logged in user appears. You can also select a veterinarian from the drop-down list.

The Veterinarian field is used in several ways:

  • A new report is available—Sales and Cost of Sales filtered by Veterinarian.
  • Several reports now have a Veterinarian filter and a Veterinarian column in the spreadsheet output.
  • In reports that use the label User ID, the label has been changed to Staff.
  • If the Is this Consultation Ready to be Paid? check box is selected on a consultation, you cannot update the Veterinarian. Clear the check box to update it.
  • In the following areas, the label Staff has been changed to Vet: consultation history, invoices awaiting payment, outstanding invoices, client portal consultations, and consultation search results.
  • On the Cashing Up screen, the label User has been changed to Vet.
  • Once an invoice has been paid, you cannot update the Veterinarian
  • You cannot update the Veterinarian field on a saved estimate, but you can update it after you convert it to a consultation.
  • The veterinarian and owner dashboards show average transaction fee by veterinarian instead of by the logged in staff member.


Product manager permission

A new user permission, Product Admin, is available. This permission is required to edit products, procedure templates, suppliers, and to do batch processes like using the bulk product editor or syncing products between branches. All users will receive this permission by default.


Master problem list data

  • Master problem list data is now displayed on the consultation history. Note that you will need to add [symptoms] to any forms that you want to print with this information.
  • Related patients are displayed on the invoice screen even when the invoice is ready to pay.


Load All Patient History button

On the Consultation History tab on the patient screen, click the Load all Patient History button to quickly find older consultations.


Forms & Certificates – new variable fields

The forms and certificates editor includes the following new variables. The variables in the Extra (custom) Fields area are for custom fields you may have added to clients or patients which you can use in your forms.


Patient Details:

  • [insurance_policy_no]

Extra (custom) Fields:

  • [extra_client_details]
  • [extra_client_details]
  • [extra_patient_details]
  • [extra_patient_details]


Procedure templates

You can manually sort line items in procedure templates by dragging them into the position you want from the right-hand column. The lines will be added to the invoice in the same order.



  • There is no limit on the number of patients returned in the Patient Mailing Lists with filters for Products and Signalment
  • The Sales grouped by Product Class report is now available as an onscreen list.
  • A new report is available—Sales and Cost of Sales filtered by Veterinarian.
  • Several reports now have a Veterinarian filter and a Veterinarian column in the spreadsheet output.
  • In reports that use the label User ID, the label has been changed to Staff.
  • A new report that was previously optional is available for everyone—Find your lost clients Here is a video of how the Find your lost clients report works: https://vimeo.com/106119853


User interface changes

  • The default behavior for clicking the Print button on a consultation is to print labels; you can still print the consultation by clicking the small arrow next to the button.
  • The Google Drive screen has been improved. You will be asked for confirmation to disable Google Drive (not recommended!). The connected client’s Google Drive is also displayed on this screen.
  • The Print Label field has been removed from products (this isn’t used anymore).
  • Consultation history shows the vet as a question mark (?) instead of SuperBee for migrated data.
  • We’ve improved client address search. Note that the search begins after you have typed more than 10 characters of the address
  • On the Appointments screen:
    • When you hover over an appointment, you can view the client name and mobile phone number.
    • You’ll see a warning if your computer’s time zone does not match your branch’s time zone. If the time zone does not match (or if the date on your computer is wrong), the appointment screen may not work properly.
    • When merging a patient, a warning is displayed about any outstanding invoices.
    • On the client financial activity screen, you can see additional relevant information by hovering over the various elements.
    • Form previews with a standard paper size instead of 50% of the screen size.



  • Performance of the Cashing Up and Statements screens has been improved.
  • The product bulk changes tool is optimized to work with much larger amounts of data, which prevents timeouts that occurred on some pages for large practices with large amounts of data.


Multi-branch changes

  • You can filter the Patient Mailing Lists report by branch.
  • The Statements screen (Outstanding and Activity) works with multiple branches. Branch managers can see only statements of clients from the current branch. System admin permissions are required to report across all branches.


Bug Fixes

  • The Branch Manager user is restricted from creating users with elevated privileges.
  • Draft invoices on the Statements screen are filtered correctly based on where the invoice was created instead of which branch the client is from.
  • You can write off an invoice, reinstate it, and write it off again.
  • For certain reports, searching for some special characters works correctly.
  • You can correctly pay off refunds of $1000 (any currency) or more.
  • The Master Problem List is restored correctly if you restore a consultation.
  • The number of transactions for the previous year on the Business Owner dashboard is correct.
  • Reminders and messages are not sent to deactivated clients, even if the patients of a client are reactivated.
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