What’s New – BeeFree V4.9

SleepyBeagleFollowing on the heels of BeeFree’s V4.8 update, we are excited to announce that V4.9 is rolling out in September.

This update will include a few changes that you should be aware of, and we’ve done our best to capture those changes here. We hope you will take the time to explore the new (and improved) features we’ve added into the software, and that these updates will enhance your BeeFree Practice Management Software experience.

Here’s what to look for in BeeFree V4.9:

  • Power Search box
  • Updated rostering system
  • Xero Accounting Software integration
  • Ease in switching users
  • Tracking Help Desk tickets
  • Improved bulk price updates (watch the video!)
  • Bad debt write-off warning
  • Text messaging updates and improvements
  • Missed Reminder warnings
  • Improved due dates for vaccination certificates
  • Improved database replication
  • Addition of a Client Reminders tab
  • New BeeFree parent company
  • Ability to change consultation date
  • Ability to toggle between patients on Consultation screen

Power Search Box

In version 4.9, we have decided to include a Power Search box in the main navigation bar. This will help you ease through BeeFree with the search function by allowing you to look through Clients, Patient and Consultation with just one click of a button. To learn more, watch this video.



Updated Rostering System

We think you are going to love this! We have connected Bee Free to what we feel is the best rostering system in the world – Deputy.com.

Now, you don’t have to be a Bee Free user to use Deputy, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. Deptuy.com addresses so many problems faced by veterinary practices, that we are simply swooning over this addition. Perhaps the most important feature is Deputy.com’s simple and effective time clock system, which works off an iPad and will allow you to manage your staff rostering remotely.

Watch these 2 videos to revolutionize the way you manage your staff rostering:



Please note that although this feature is currently available for all packages, on the next update it will only be available for users subscribing to the Prime package.

Xero Accounting Software Integration

Complete integration of your BeeFree Practice Information System with Xero Accounting Software is now available!

Xero Accounting Software is a cloud based accounting software that works exceptionally well for veterinary businesses. We have had integration available for some time, but have spent a long time beta testing the integration before releasing it to our clients. This integration sends the following to your accounting system:

  • Client information
  • All client invoices
  • All inventory sold

The result is:

  • Your accounting software is always up to date
  • You can track your debtors in your accounting software
  • You can use any of the thousands of plug-ins available for Xero to monitor your business performance, as all your invoices will be in one location

Switching Users Just Got Easier!

We have added a Switch Users section in the Administration drop down menu!

From here you can easily switch from a normal User account to an Administration account. Likewise, users sharing workstations can switch between user names without having to logout completely.


When you click on the Switch User button you will see this pop up box asking you for your user name and password. Once you enter your user credentials you will then be logged into that account, but the system will remain on the same page.

Please note that to comply with modern audit-ability standards for clinical systems, user name and password will still be required. We realize older systems allow switching that is not password protected, but this no longer complies with the audit-ability requirements of clinical records.


Track Help Desk Tickets in the Help & Support Menu

You will now be able see view all your help desk tickets (New, Pending, Open or Solved) to see exactly what is happening with that ticket. The transactions box will still be visible to show how much you are spending in support.


Improved Bulk Price Updates

The ability to perform bulk price updates was introduced some months back, but this has been vastly improved in V4.9. To learn more, please watch this video, or simply go to Administration >> Product Bulk Changes.


Bad Debt Write-Off Warning

When writing off debtors, the prior version issued no warning. As this is a decision not to be taken lightly, we have added a warning to make sure that this does not happen by accident.


Text Messaging Updates and Improvements

To make sure that you have a failsafe option for texting, we have completed integration to an alternate SMS/Text provider called ‘Twilio’. This complies with legal requirements for text messaging in the USA by allowing the receiver to ‘opt out’ of messages if they so desire, without the control of the sender.

This requirement only stands in the USA, however, but having an alternate provider gives us the option to switch providers if there are any problems.

Prior versions of BeeFree could confuse the SMS/Text message providers if there were non alphabetical characters in the message. The most common issues were with apostrophes and speech marks/quotes. This error has now been corrected.

You also now have the ability to add any of your mobile numbers as the ‘From’ number in text messages your clinic sends. This process requires SMS validation and takes us about an hour. In this process we need to be able to contact you to get the validation code that gets sent to your mobile phone. If you would like this service, please contact us, there is a $AU100 support fee to complete this for you (which is roughly the same cost in American currency, depending on the daily exchange rate).

Missed Reminder Warnings

Ok, so reminders occasionally get missed if they are done manually – human error is inevitable. But the situation has also arisen where users have forgotten to top-up their text message credits and automatic reminders stop going out. To help with both the manual and automatic situations, we have put an alert on the front page dashboard that shows if reminders are not going out.

This is simply a total of reminders in the last 60 days where ‘times sent’ is zero. It will not catch the situation where more than one reminder is supposed to be sent, as this varies for every clinic and every reminder type; but at least you will be alerted if something has gone seriously wrong with your reminders.


Improved Due Dates for Vaccination Certificates

We get this question a lot: “If a client comes back a few months later and asks for a vaccination certificate, BeeFree is unable to print this with the due date because it used TODAY+365, so the due date would be 1 year from the date of printing, not the date of vaccination. Help.”

Good news! We have now made forms and certificates more versatile. A new variable is now available and if you type [invoice_date+365], this will now bring in the correct date. Furthermore, you don’t just have to use 365 as the number of days, you can use any number.


Improved Database Replication

Your data is now replicated in real time, meaning that it is stored on two separate hard drives. This now gives us three layers of security by providing you with the system interface you’re using and the added security of two additional backups at any given time. This means that we no longer have a single point of failure on the system. The ability to replicate your data in real time, without affecting system performance, was only made available about 3 months ago. Our server architects are determined to keep BeeFree on the cutting edge of server infrastructure, and this added layer of security is just one instance of that commitment.

Addition of a Client Reminders Tab on the Client Record

Reminders are now also visible on the client record, showing all reminders for pets belonging to that client. This is particularly useful for your customer service staff, who will need to remind clients about services due for other pets.

This tab will also help equine veterinarians when they are servicing stables that hold multiple horses, and that need to know which horses are due for treatment at that time.


Meet CloudSwirl

BeeFree has a new parent company! Up until recently, BeeFree was traded under the company ‘Atlantic Pacific Consulting Pty Ltd’. This will now change to ‘CloudSwirl Pty Ltd’. This is as a result of a merger between BeeFree and Slyncy, which introduces our product to additional developers with the ability to produce powerful financial reporting tools for the veterinary industry.

And frankly, CloudSwirl is a much cooler name!

Ability to Change Consultation Date

Users have asked us for the ability to change the date of consultations they are notating. This helps when visits have been performed over a weekend and the clinician involved wants to input all the information a few days later, a particularly common scenario for mobile vets and large animal veterinarians.


Toggle Between Patients on the Consultation Screen

Users have asked for the ability to switch easily between related pets patients on the consultation screen. This will help when dealing with one pet a client asks about a different pet than the one you have in front of you. Simply clicking on the other pet will allow you to view that pet’s history and medications, and then return to the records of the pet you are examining.

Please note that this will only work for pets that are living, as not to unduly upset the owner if they ask about a deceased pet or inadvertently see the screen.


We hope you enjoy the new features of BeeFree!

The BeeFree Team

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