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Our team is excited to announce that Version 4.8 of the BeeFree Practice Management Software is due for release in the next few weeks. In this update you will notice a few improvements and changes, and we wanted to give you the heads-up on what to expect from our late-summer update.

We hope you’ll take the time to familiarize yourself with what’s new, including:

  • Safer consult notes
  • Bulk stock updates
  • Patient pictures
  • Imperial and metric weights and measures
  • Improved consult saving
  • Business snapshot and totals changes
  • Fixed text message character
  • Statements screen
  • Reminder messages and alerts
  • Pet portal access changes
  • Administration listings
  • Patient species customization
  • Time And Relative Dimension In Space (TARDIS) themes
  • Patient search screen

Never Lose Your Consult Notes!

Clinics with poor internet connections were occasionally losing their consult notes if the user clicked on “Save” and the internet dropped out at the same time. We have now put two unique features in place to avoid this happening:

First, the system automatically checks your internet connection when you click the ‘Save’ button, and if the connection is down it will display an alert telling you this. Thankfully, with the new update, your notes will remain on the screen for you to try again.

Second, we are storing the last invoice for every patient on your local hard drive, so if you accidentally navigate off the consult screen, when you go back to the consult screen for that patient, the invoice will still be there.


Bulk Stock Updater

This new tool will allow you to make bulk changes to your stock. Go to Administration > Bulk Stock Updates. Here you will be able to change prices of multiple items, markups, stock classes and much more.

Please watch the Bulk Product Update video for more information.

Patient Pictures

In this update, we have added a section for a photo of the patient to be added to his or her file. You can add a photo by simply clicking on the ‘Change Photo’ button. An image selection box will display, and you can choose your image from your local computer. This feature will help you quickly identify your patients. Also, by adding the [id_photo] variable on things like vaccination reminders, the letter will include a photo of the client’s pet – your clients will love this!


Imperial & Metric Weights

We now have the ability to swap your database between Metric & Imperial weights.  This is useful for the overseas databases and users in the USA.

Improved Consult Saving

In V4.8 when you save a consult you will now see a loading icon appear. While the loading icon is present you will not be able to click “Save”. Some users were clicking both buttons within seconds of one another causing an error / double invoice. This has now been resolved with this feature.


Business Snapshot & Statements Totals Are Now the Same

These weren’t displaying correctly in the past due to the way draft invoices were handled. Now they will display the exact same number.


Fixed Text Message Character (‘)

In BeeFree V4.8 we have fixed the issue with the single quotation mark. This was causing text messages to misfire. You can now use this character in your SMS Messages successfully. Huzzah!

Invoice Drafts – Statements Screen

Before this upgrade, you were unable to view  your invoices that were still in the “Draft” status. Now you can click on the “Draft Invoices” button in the Business Snapshots section and it will take you to the Drafts screen. From the Drafts screen you can set the Drafts to “Ready To Pay” with a single click of the new button. You can also select a date range as well for finding specific drafts. You will also be able to access this by going to Administration > Statements > Select Draft Invoices drop-down.


Reminder Messages & Alerts When Clicking on Appointment Reason

This is another new feature in V4.8. In the previous versions the reminders and alerts wouldn’t display when the vet would click on the “Reason”for the appointment; it only displayed if the patient card was opened. This is an important feature, as the vet will now be warned if he or she should know something about the patient prior to going into the exam room (e.g. patient is prone to biting).


The Patient Screen has Changed From “Pet Portal Access” to “3rd Party Access”


This useful addition is a trial that will allow you to give a third party limited, read-only access to a patient’s history. This feature is also being tested for pet insurance companies.

Changes in the Administration List

For your ease and convenience, the Administration List is now in alphabetical order. We have also increased the padding/spacing between the field names!


You Can Now Customize the Patient Species

In V4.8, you are no longer  limited to the default list of Species we have on the system.  With this update you will be able to swap and change them to be whatever you like.


We Have Added 2 Additional Themes for Doctor Who Lovers!

We have brought you two new dynamic themes which display the interior and exterior of the TARDIS! In upcoming versions of the software, we will be bringing you more themes to keep your software looking sharp! We have to give our busy-bee developers something fun to do, occasionally…


We Have Added the Client Addresses to the Patient Search Screen

This feature will help you distinguish between patients with similar or the same names. It will also help as a quick address look-up.


We hope you enjoy the new features of our BeeFree software!

The BeeFree Software Team    

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