What’s new in v4.13

For customers in North America only: Version 4.13 of BeeFree Veterinary Management Software will be available soon. We have some exciting news about our latest integration and a few other changes—here are the highlights! This version will be released to other regions at a later date.

Note: You must have the appropriate permissions to view or use some features.

New Features and Enhancements

Integration with IDEXX Reference Laboratories Diagnostics

With BeeFree’s new integration with IDEXX Reference Laboratories, you now have the best in class practice management diagnostic integration within the industry. This new integration is simple and is designed to save you time. It also helps with charge capture so you won’t miss charges and will capture the revenue you are truly meant to be earning. You can send diagnostic orders directly from BeeFree to your reference laboratory and have those results automatically downloaded into the patient record. The integration uses VetConnect PLUS to simplify and speed up lab work flow so the veterinarian can quickly and effectively order, read, interpret, communicate, and act on IDEXX Reference Laboratories diagnostics. Learn more on our knowledgebase (see the IDEXX Diagnostics section).

Prerequisite: Before you get started, you’ll need a VetConnect PLUS account.

The following features are available:

  • Setup
    • Set up the connection credentials for VetConnect PLUS at the company level or for each branch.
    • Set up and choose billing by defining IDEXX Reference Laboratories account IDs at the company level and branch as needed; then optionally edit in the consultation before placing the order (for example, if one veterinarian is the attending while another is filling in and using their account ID for billing purposes).
    • Automatic download and periodic updates of reference data. This includes diagnostics as well as breed, species, and gender data.
      • Use IDEXX profile/panel/test names for ordering reference lab diagnostics, or map your current names to the reference lab names.
      • Use IDEXX species, breeds, and genders for ordering reference lab diagnostic Reference Data, or map your current names to reference lab names.
  • Order
    • Use convenient work flows to add a diagnostic order within the consultation for invoicing:
      • By typing and matching the profile/panel/test in a consultation.
      • By adding one or more profile/panel/test via a procedure template.
      • By adding via the Smart Flow Sheet Whiteboard.
    • Select add-ons recommended with the initial order; automatic charge capture eliminates missed diagnostic charges.
    • Convert a consultation with diagnostics on it to an estimate—for ordering when the consultation begins.
    • Place the order by simply clicking the Order Diagnostics button in the consultation.
      • Print automatically completed order forms to send out with a specimen.
    • Place more than one diagnostic order on the same Consultation.
  • Results
    • Automatic download of lab results to the Patient Results tab in the patient’s medical record.
    • View status at the order level.
    • Click to see detailed test status and test results (numeric result with intervals and out of interval indicated, short form such as negative, long form, and notes).
    • Automatic identification of mismatched results, typically from orders placed directly in VetConnect PLUS. Assign unmatched results to patient consultations.

Secondary Client Contact

You can optionally add a secondary contact to the Client Overview tab. In addition, the General Info area of the Client Overview tab is now named Primary Contact.

  • A client search for either the primary contact or the secondary contact returns a row for each.
  • Select the Include on invoice check box to have a secondary contact appear on invoices. You must modify your invoice form and any other forms to include the secondary contact field.
  • Include the [secondary_contact] variable on other forms (see the Client Details section under Form Variables).

Refresh Google Drive Credentials

  • Once the 4.13 update is complete, the system administrator must refresh the Google Drive credentials (Administration > System Administration > Google Drive) to allow BeeFree to reconnect with your Google Drive.

Bug Fixes

  • In the consultation history, a new field (Created by) under the veterinarian’s name at the top of the consultation indicates who created the consultation.
  • On a counter sale, the veterinarian’s name is set to the logged in user. Existing and historical counter sales will be updated so the correct veterinarian who was logged in when that counter sale was created is assigned.
  • You no longer receive errors when trying to send SMS messages from the All Due Reminders window (Administrator > General > Reminders > All Due Reminders).
  • For Smart Flow Sheet users, you no longer receive server errors.
  • The tabs in the Email Manager sort correctly: the Outbox tab sorts by date created in descending order, and the Sentbox and Deleted tabs sort by date updated in descending order.
  • Compounding tax rates are calculated correctly.
  • Several situations where the veterinarian ID was not included on a consultation have been corrected.
  • Google Drive cloud print can be set up correctly.

What’s new in v4.12

Version 4.12 of BeeFree Veterinary Management Software is coming soon. We’ve made lots of improvements and fixes—here are the highlights!

Note: You must have the appropriate permissions to view or use some features.

New Features and Enhancements

Upload branch logo image file

You can upload an image file for the branch logo to use in forms and certificates (Administration > Branch Details > Logo). Previously, you had to use a URL for the image.


Unsubscribe from promotional emails option

When you create a form that will be used for promotional emails, select the promotional email check box at the bottom of the form template. This adds an unsubscribe link to the email so the client can opt out of promotional emails. You are legally required to include an unsubscribe link on promotional emails.

You can also manually manage the client’s email preference (Clients > Client Overview tab > Email > select Unsubscribed from promotional email check box).


Assign a veterinarian to a consultation

A new field—Veterinarian—is available on consultation, estimate, and refund screens. The vet assigned when an appointment is scheduled automatically appears in the field on consultations and estimates. If no vet was assigned, the logged in user appears. You can also select a veterinarian from the drop-down list.

The Veterinarian field is used in several ways:

  • A new report is available—Sales and Cost of Sales filtered by Veterinarian.
  • Several reports now have a Veterinarian filter and a Veterinarian column in the spreadsheet output.
  • In reports that use the label User ID, the label has been changed to Staff.
  • If the Is this Consultation Ready to be Paid? check box is selected on a consultation, you cannot update the Veterinarian. Clear the check box to update it.
  • In the following areas, the label Staff has been changed to Vet: consultation history, invoices awaiting payment, outstanding invoices, client portal consultations, and consultation search results.
  • On the Cashing Up screen, the label User has been changed to Vet.
  • Once an invoice has been paid, you cannot update the Veterinarian
  • You cannot update the Veterinarian field on a saved estimate, but you can update it after you convert it to a consultation.
  • The veterinarian and owner dashboards show average transaction fee by veterinarian instead of by the logged in staff member.


Product manager permission

A new user permission, Product Admin, is available. This permission is required to edit products, procedure templates, suppliers, and to do batch processes like using the bulk product editor or syncing products between branches. All users will receive this permission by default.


Master problem list data

  • Master problem list data is now displayed on the consultation history. Note that you will need to add [symptoms] to any forms that you want to print with this information.
  • Related patients are displayed on the invoice screen even when the invoice is ready to pay.


Load All Patient History button

On the Consultation History tab on the patient screen, click the Load all Patient History button to quickly find older consultations.


Forms & Certificates – new variable fields

The forms and certificates editor includes the following new variables. The variables in the Extra (custom) Fields area are for custom fields you may have added to clients or patients which you can use in your forms.


Patient Details:

  • [insurance_policy_no]

Extra (custom) Fields:

  • [extra_client_details]
  • [extra_client_details]
  • [extra_patient_details]
  • [extra_patient_details]


Procedure templates

You can manually sort line items in procedure templates by dragging them into the position you want from the right-hand column. The lines will be added to the invoice in the same order.



  • There is no limit on the number of patients returned in the Patient Mailing Lists with filters for Products and Signalment
  • The Sales grouped by Product Class report is now available as an onscreen list.
  • A new report is available—Sales and Cost of Sales filtered by Veterinarian.
  • Several reports now have a Veterinarian filter and a Veterinarian column in the spreadsheet output.
  • In reports that use the label User ID, the label has been changed to Staff.
  • A new report that was previously optional is available for everyone—Find your lost clients Here is a video of how the Find your lost clients report works: https://vimeo.com/106119853


User interface changes

  • The default behavior for clicking the Print button on a consultation is to print labels; you can still print the consultation by clicking the small arrow next to the button.
  • The Google Drive screen has been improved. You will be asked for confirmation to disable Google Drive (not recommended!). The connected client’s Google Drive is also displayed on this screen.
  • The Print Label field has been removed from products (this isn’t used anymore).
  • Consultation history shows the vet as a question mark (?) instead of SuperBee for migrated data.
  • We’ve improved client address search. Note that the search begins after you have typed more than 10 characters of the address
  • On the Appointments screen:
    • When you hover over an appointment, you can view the client name and mobile phone number.
    • You’ll see a warning if your computer’s time zone does not match your branch’s time zone. If the time zone does not match (or if the date on your computer is wrong), the appointment screen may not work properly.
    • When merging a patient, a warning is displayed about any outstanding invoices.
    • On the client financial activity screen, you can see additional relevant information by hovering over the various elements.
    • Form previews with a standard paper size instead of 50% of the screen size.



  • Performance of the Cashing Up and Statements screens has been improved.
  • The product bulk changes tool is optimized to work with much larger amounts of data, which prevents timeouts that occurred on some pages for large practices with large amounts of data.


Multi-branch changes

  • You can filter the Patient Mailing Lists report by branch.
  • The Statements screen (Outstanding and Activity) works with multiple branches. Branch managers can see only statements of clients from the current branch. System admin permissions are required to report across all branches.


Bug Fixes

  • The Branch Manager user is restricted from creating users with elevated privileges.
  • Draft invoices on the Statements screen are filtered correctly based on where the invoice was created instead of which branch the client is from.
  • You can write off an invoice, reinstate it, and write it off again.
  • For certain reports, searching for some special characters works correctly.
  • You can correctly pay off refunds of $1000 (any currency) or more.
  • The Master Problem List is restored correctly if you restore a consultation.
  • The number of transactions for the previous year on the Business Owner dashboard is correct.
  • Reminders and messages are not sent to deactivated clients, even if the patients of a client are reactivated.

What’s new in v4.11

Version 4.11 is due for release in the next few weeks, You will notice a few changes:

What’s new in V4.10

Version 4.10 is due for release in the next few weeks, You will notice a few changes:

Client Portal

Allow your clients to view their pets information, reminders and medications online by adding a link to your website. This increases the customer experience and helps clients remember what medications their pets require. Also allows customers to request updates to their contact information.

Online bookings

Watch this video!!!! http://support.beefreesoftware.com/hc/en-us/articles/203864526

The functionality of this feature will blow your mind!

Allow your clients to book real time appointments through your website! This is only for licenses on the Large’ package and above.

An amazing feature that has powerful ‘clustering’ logic and WILL BOOK APPOINTMENTS MORE EFFICIENTLY THAN A REAL PERSON!

Clients will then be automatically emailed the questions that are normally asked at the reception desk so they can complete these in the comfort of their own home.

Save staff time, increase appointment numbers, attract clients who can only book appointments after work, reduce the number of times the telephone rings, increase consistency in gathering client information – there are so many advantages.

Smart flow sheets improvements: Forgetting to invoice medications to inpatients? Don’t be embarrassed, we all have done this especially when you have a lot of critical patients to worry about and each one has a messy cage card / travel sheet. Two way integration with whiteboards with save you thousands of $$$ in missed billing.

We’ve implemented two way integration for Smart Flow sheets.


Edit forms /Complete document management

Watch this video on how to manage documents:


Forms which are linked in some way to a client or patient can now be edited. Click edit from any form, then you can print, email or save it.

  • Save in files allows you to save the form into your client or patient files for future reference.
  • A nifty trick is that if you add an <input> tag to your form, you can save the form directly with the values in the input saved with it.

Merging patients

When a patient is moved, the financial activity for the patient remains with the original client. This is necessary for Xero integration and for more correct financial reporting.


Position of alerts have been moved

Were you finding the notifications covering the main menu annoying? So did we. Now alerts don’t cover up the menu any more and are position just above the main content


Amount owing warning from consultation

Those pesky clients owe you money? You can now see at a glance if a client owes money from the consultation screen which means you know immediately before you start offering more services.

Appointment types editor

We accidentally informed you in the last release that you could edit appointment types. This is now released and you can also edit the colours of appointments.

Customise client titles

To be politically correct, you can now customise client titles. You can find this setting under the company settings.

New Company Level Settings

A new company level settings menu has been added. This screen is used for configuring settings for every branch in the system.

3rd Party Access

Allow insurance companies and other 3rd parties like referral centres to access patient information by clicking on the 3rd party access button and adding an email address. Try it out to one of your own email addresses:

New Appointment Scheduler

A new Appointment screen has been released in this version. This version allows

  • Overlapping appointments
  • Longer appointment periods
  • Drag and drop to different times/rooms
  • Resize the length of a appointments by dragging the bottom
  • Normal and wide mode (below left is normal mode, and right is wide mode)


Mobile Appointments View

View your appointments natively on your iPhone or other mobile devices. Great for mobile vets who want to see their appointments on the go.


This feature is in Beta and is read-only at this stage. Please contact us through the support channels if you would like to test this feature.


Consultation Dates

Due to popular demand, we’ve added the ability to change consultation dates on a draft consultation (no just a new consultation). We display the actual date of creation below the input box if you change the date. This is useful for mobile vets who prefer to do their invoicing and notes a few days later.

Printing forms from report results

You can now do a mass mailout using any client or patient form. Depending on the type of form, you can either create a mass mailout for a patient and/or for clients.


Google Drive open file

When you open a file in google drive, it opens in a new tab instead of downloading it. This saves a few clicks for common file formats. You can always click “save as” from your browser if you want to save the file to your desktop.


Currency symbol

You’ve always been able to change the currency symbol in invoices, etc, but there were a few places in Bee Free where the currency was hardcoded to dollars. You can now customise the currency symbol for your system from your branch settings.


Security changes

Users now require their profile to have ‘deactivate permissions’ to deactivate products.


Next Appointment for Reminders

The reminders screen shows next appointment next to each patient

Multi-branch changes to Deputy.com rostering

Deputy.com integration now allows you to limit your rosters on a per-location basis. Put the deputy.com company id in the “Deputy Company Id” branch setting. We’ve added a video to our help page: https://beefree.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/203810426


Export reminders spreadsheet for multi branch clinics

The reminders export spreadsheet now contains the branch name. This is useful if you use a third party mailing house like AYMS to do your reminder mail outs. Each reminder will be tagged with the correct branch name allowing mail outs to be done with the correct ‘from’ branch.

Reminder forms are now managed centrally

PLEASE TAKE CAREFUL NOTE OF THIS IF YOU ARE A MULTI BRANCH USER. Forms linked to reminders are now kept the same across all branches. If you change the reminder form in one branch it will be reflected in all branches. This allows multi branch clinics to manage reminders centrally without having to repeat the same task numerous times and is a huge time saver for administrative staff. It also allows for consistent branding across all branches.



  • Devices integration has been improved. Including: ability to specify file name filters; drop down for refresh; ability to attach to configure where the data is attached consultations, consultation lines and patients; support for picking up folders of data (for IM3 for example)


  • A form for IDEXX Reference Lab Form (Australia) has been added which allows Australian IDEXX clients to automatically create reference lab submission forms with prefilled information. Just add this form as a special action to print against products which you would normally send off to IDEXX.

Geolocation Tools

At Bee Free we like to interface with cool stuff. Google maps is definitely a cool product. We continue to bring the power of these products to the veterinary industry to do things like make address entry at the reception desk correct, measure catchment areas  (where your clients come from), see it a competitor in a certain area is outgunning you and make it easier to perform house visits.
We have made a few improvements to your client’s address data. We now try to fetch the geographical location of an address from google.


  • When you create a new client, you can just type in the address and if google finds the address Bee Free will fill in all the address details automatically
  • If google can’t find the address, we display an error on the address. Note that this doesn’t always mean that the address is wrong, just that google doesn’t recognise it.


  • We’ve added a map link under the client’s address so you can see their address in google maps.


  • The geolocation report has been fixed so that you can get a google map with an overlay of your client’s locations. You will need to run the ‘coordinates update tool’ to fetch the coordinates of all your clients (which can take a few days to run).The update coordinates tool:What google maps reports look like:


Communication improvements

We’ve made a lot of changes around emailing and SMSing.


  • If the last email or SMS you sent to a client fails, the email and/or mobile number field will be red. This helps you fix your database and keep client communication records up to date.
  • We automatically check SMS delivery status for you. If there’s a delivery failure then you’ll see this in the sms manager and against the client
  • If an email is sent and it bounces, the email shows an error in the email manager and against the client
  • You’ll see on the dashboards if there are any emails or SMSs which are stuck due to an error. You can then go in and fix the message.


  • When you realise an email didn’t go through because you’ve got a wrong email address, you can go into the email manager and click on the documentation subject to open up the email to see what’s in it. You can then print the email and mail it the old fashioned way.
  • When you go to email a client without a valid looking email address, you get a warning. You can still send it, but it will most likely fail.


Google Cloud Print

Enable Cloud print from your branch settings to be able to use “Google Cloud Print” to print your documents. Using this you can print to any of your connected cloud print enabled printers anywhere in the world. And you can also print directly from your iPad or from outside the office!



  • you can now use [branch.logo_url] in forms
  • Patient & Client search screens performance have been improved.
  • The product search page will remember your last search
  • You can now see the payment statuses of our invoices from the subscription page
  • When you click the reason on an appointment it will take you to the most recent draft consultation for this appointment (if there is one)
  • You can now click the description on a procedure which will take you to a new consultation (or to the most recent draft consultation for this consultation if there is one).


Print all a client’s invoices in one document

You can now set up your invoices to print in one group. You can have a header and footer shared between all the invoices.


Also, the footer can be configured to contain a total of taxes, amounts paid, etc. Just create a form called __invoice_client_header__ and/or __invoice_client_footer__ to enable this invoice mode.


Then go to the payment tab to print off all outstanding invoices and they will be grouped together. You can email these invoices as a group by clicking the edit button, then email

We hope you enjoy the new features of BeeFree software.

Welcome to The Cloud…

iStock_000030561060_MediumCloud computing is the way of the world today. The term ‘cloud’ is thrown around a lot these days, but many people have no idea what it really means – or what it can mean for your business. Unfortunately, this not-knowing seems to create a bit of fear.

You Are Already on The Cloud!

It’s likely that each and every one of you is computing in the cloud somewhere, somehow, every day.  If you have a smart phone, social media account, email, or online banking, you have touched a cloud, but you may not realize it.

What is The Cloud?

All ‘The Cloud’ means is that your data is housed on an external server and you access your files via the web, instead of your local hard drive. Read More »

BeeFree Webinars

Discover What the Buzz is All About

Veterinarian Using A Digital TabletLearning something new can be daunting, especially when it’s new-to-you technology. Even the most intuitive, user-friendly software and applications have a certain learning curve that can take some getting used to. But thankfully, with BeeFree Practice Management Software, you don’t have to go it alone.

In addition to our BeeFree Video Library and extensive Support Knowledge Base, we are hosting a series of free webinars during the months of October and November to help you experience the simple sophistication of the BeeFree system for yourself and learn the ins and outs of our latest features and updates. We encourage you to find a webinar that’s right for you (or attend all four), and tune in live to experience the BeeFree difference for yourself. Read More »

What’s New – BeeFree V4.9

SleepyBeagleFollowing on the heels of BeeFree’s V4.8 update, we are excited to announce that V4.9 is rolling out in September.

This update will include a few changes that you should be aware of, and we’ve done our best to capture those changes here. We hope you will take the time to explore the new (and improved) features we’ve added into the software, and that these updates will enhance your BeeFree Practice Management Software experience.

Here’s what to look for in BeeFree V4.9:

  • Power Search box
  • Updated rostering system
  • Xero Accounting Software integration
  • Ease in switching users
  • Tracking Help Desk tickets
  • Improved bulk price updates (watch the video!)
  • Bad debt write-off warning
  • Text messaging updates and improvements
  • Missed Reminder warnings
  • Improved due dates for vaccination certificates
  • Improved database replication
  • Addition of a Client Reminders tab
  • New BeeFree parent company
  • Ability to change consultation date
  • Ability to toggle between patients on Consultation screen

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What’s New – BeeFree v4.8

BeeFree Logo

Our team is excited to announce that Version 4.8 of the BeeFree Practice Management Software is due for release in the next few weeks. In this update you will notice a few improvements and changes, and we wanted to give you the heads-up on what to expect from our late-summer update.

We hope you’ll take the time to familiarize yourself with what’s new, including:

  • Safer consult notes
  • Bulk stock updates
  • Patient pictures
  • Imperial and metric weights and measures
  • Improved consult saving
  • Business snapshot and totals changes
  • Fixed text message character
  • Statements screen
  • Reminder messages and alerts
  • Pet portal access changes
  • Administration listings
  • Patient species customization
  • Time And Relative Dimension In Space (TARDIS) themes
  • Patient search screen

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What’s New – BeeFree v4.5

ComputerDogOver the next week a few enhancements will be made to your BeeFree practice management software system with the release of version 4.5. In an effort to make your transition to the updated software more friendly, we’ve offer the following preview so that you will know what to expect. These new updates include:



  • Case Sensitive Usernames and Passwords
  • Ages and Dates of Birth
  • Insurance Policy Numbers Added to Patients’ Master Record
  • Services Due Reminders Prompt Activated When a Patient is Selected
  • Integration With In-House Laboratory Equipment Using Google Drive
  • Results Tab On the Patient Record
  • Rich Text Editor is Back for Your Clinical Notes
  • Improved Timing of Automatic Reminder System
  • Improved Business Owner Dashboard View
  • Return of the ‘Condensed’ Option for Appointments
  • Reminders Displayed More Accurately in the Patient Signalment Bar
  • Easy to Send an Alternative Reminder Letter
  • Integration With Smartflowsheet.com (The Coolest Whiteboard Around)
  • Basic Pet Portal for 3rd Party Access
  • Improved Multi-Branch Payment Collection
  • Improved Purchase Order Receipting
  • Reminders Can Now be Ordered by Due Date

Read More »