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Online Veterinary Management Software

Real Simple. Real Easy. Real Time.

BeeFree is an all-in-one solution that works anywhere you are. Access all its capabilities via iPad, iPhone, Android, or your web browser on any computer. BeeFree is a complete replacement for your current practice management and pet portal software.

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Computer monitor Mobile devices Real-Time Scheduling of Appointments Individual Doctor Portals & Templates Real-Time Business Analytics Electronic Reminder System Pet Portal Google Drive Support

Real-Time Scheduling of Appointments

Real-time scheduling is here. BeeFree saves time because pet owners can sign into your software from a computer or mobile device and schedule an appointment in real time. Our scheduler uses a clustering formula to control the timing of appointments throughout the day, eliminating inefficient gaps in your schedule. Once the appointments are made, they are highlighted in the master calendar, alerting your staff. (Online scheduling by pet owners available in Q2


Individual Doctor Portals & Templates

Each doctor can see his or her own schedule, KPI (key performance indicators), and yearly goals. Plus, our template system allows each doctor to draft custom notes for each ailment that can be inserted into the medical records with the a click of a button.


Real-Time Business Analytics

Find out how well your business is performing anytime, anywhere with to-the-minute data with a click of your finger or mouse. See it all from an easy-to-read dashboard. KPIs such as:

  • Revenue and sales reports for all your products and services
  • Monitor individual vet performance by checking average transaction fees and sales patterns
  • Analyze your patient base—how many dogs, how many cats, how old are they?
  • Identify your top-spending customers
  • Monitor new client and patient registrations
  • How many times a year are your clients visiting you?
  • Where do your clients come from—view your customer population on Google maps
  • Other key reports—we can build almost anything


Electronic “Smart” Reminder System

Paper is yesterday’s news, and it is expensive. To reach people, you need to be where they live and breathe, which is their devices. You can customize your hospital’s protocol for email and text reminders for all of your appointments. Then they are automatically sent at the appropriate time, and stopped when needed. Clients can confirm appointments with the click of a button, cutting down on phone reminders.


BeeFree Online Pet Portal is included

No need to purchase another pet portal system. Manage your pet records and schedule appointments right from our system. The portal allows clients to access online booking, edit contact information, view their pets and medications they received, and see their appointments and their reminders.


Google Drive Integration

Create and store documents online with Google Drive, a secure and accessible place for all of your digital documents.


Works Anywhere on Any Device


What you save

What You Save

BeeFreeʼs cloud-based system can save veterinary clinics $20,000 to $40,000 annually by eliminating the need for servers, IT staff, backup systems and portal fees. Its automatic reminders can save animal hospitals an average of $20,000 a year in administrative costs (for a two-veterinarian hospital).

Here are some things you can kick to the curb with BeeFree:

  • Office computer network and intranet
  • Dedicated terminals
  • IT person
  • Software CDs
  • Microsoft licenses
  • Separate credit card system
  • Extra fees for terminals and branches. Unlimited devices are allowed. Go for it!
  • Paying for new versions of your practice management system
  • Back-up disks or tapes (everything is backed up to the cloud)
  • Paper records. BeeFree is a 100% paperless system.

Try it yourself. Add up the cost you’re paying for these services to see how much you would save by moving to BeeFree. Call us to learn more about the incredible savings you can realize.

Switching & Integration

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a license agreement?

    We are a month-to-month system. You pay monthly based on the number of transactions that are performed in the hospital.

  • What happens when I max out my transaction level on my current plan?

    No worries. Your system will keep working if you have maxed out your transaction level. The software will notify you that you have maxed out your transactions, and will give you the option to upgrade your plan immediately.

  • What happens if my Internet goes out?

    We recommend you have at least one or two devices, such as iPads on a cell phone data plan, to turn on as backups in case your Internet or wi-fi dies.

  • Will I be charged by terminal or branch?

    No. You can have unlimited devices. We charge based on transactions only.

  • Does BeeFree come in an app?

    The software is built using responsive website design. It will adapt to any screen size and therefore does not need an app.

  • Can people text back when they receive a text reminder?

    No. Part of the text message is to call the hospital. This way you know that you are not missing a vital message nor is it going to a staff member’s cell phone.

  • Do you sell my clients’ data?

    Simply no. The only time data is accessed (with your permission) is for aggregate studies on health care (for example, whether your area is seeing an increase in Lyme disease cases), or to show trends in marketing (such as out of 5,000 reviews left for animal hospitals, 70% of them positive).

  • Do we need to back up our BeeFree System?

    No. Because the software is in the cloud, we back up your data for you every night.

    Coming with the next release, you’ll also get a copy of your backup saved to your Google Drive.

If you are still have questions about our system, please reach out to us.

Plans & Pricing

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